Hi Launcher v1.8 Android Download

Hi Launcher v1.8 Android Download
Free Hi Launcher Apk Android
Hi Launcher v1.8 Apk App Android
Requirements: Android: 2.1 and up
Overview: All New UI, Unexpected Experience, Hi Launcher is getting a new design!
Hi Launcher is an Android Home replacement app with powerful functions. Boasting the first to adopt the zoning layout mode, and offering rich home themes, personalized editing and beautifying function, smooth operation as well as many other practical functions, Hi Launcher will sure bring you a brand-new experience.

Hi Launcher v1.8 Android Download

Hi Launcher v1.8 Android Download Features
1.Distinctive layout design brings unique visual experience
Widget area and icon area are independently laid out. A variety of widgets can be found in the widget area, including OneKey Clean Clock widget, user feedback widget, etc.; the icon area can be displayed in full screen or hidden depending on your choices that you make.
2.Practical and intelligent category management
Without adopting App Mate, Hi Launcher classifies apps automatically, enabling easier and more efficient search.
3.Rich and colorful themes
Hi Launcher offers stunning visual effects through its rich and colorful themes. A wide array of wallpapers and widget skins are available, making your mobile phone interface look more appealing. And partial interface is changeable and customizable, making your mobile phone more trendy and attractive.
4.Collective and unified shortcuts
Powerful OneKey shortcut design, shortcut tools, shortcut contacts, etc. You’ll enter a big world only with just a tap on the screen.
5.WYSIWYG icon customization
Users are allowed to change icons freely. The icon masks will even make every detail on your mobile phone desktop shine with personality and appeal!

Hi Launcher v1.8 Android Download

Download Here
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Z Origins - (Z The Game) 1.3 Android Download

Z Origins - (Z The Game) 1.3 Android Download
Z Origins - (Z The Game) v1.3 Apk
Download Z Origins - (Z The Game)  Android Game
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up , Lucky Patcher (need root)
Overview: “Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers now for Android
Z Origins - (Z The Game) 1.3 Android Download
“Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers remade for Android. Fans of this classic strategy title are in for a real treat. Everything is in here from the terrific comedy cut scenes to the frantic game play making this is the definitive version of Z.

*Edge Magazine: 8/10 of all the RTS games before and since, there's never been anything else quite like Z.
*148Apps.com: 4/5 " A Solid Classic. Anyone who enjoys strategy games should find plenty to love here.
*AppSpy.com: 4/5 Z The Game hits the spot
*TouchGamers.de 9/10 Z the best strategy game for the iPhone
*MetroOnline.co.uk:7/10 Cleverly originally gameplay
*iReviwt.com: 4.5/5 Plus Must-Have Award
*Appsnap.com: 7/10

•Z is a real time war game played in a totally free environment.
•A breathtaking race to capture territory and resources. Crush your enemy before they overpower you.
•Over thirty minutes of humorous movie sequences provide intros and outros for each level.
•Movie and in game voiceovers are spoken in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
•Z has a conditional Music system, which reflects in real time the mood of the battle.
•Z has six types of Robot soldiers each with their own individual personalities. Will they carry out your orders and march into the jaws of hell? Or will they chicken and run?
•Robots perform up to 40 different actions, armed with rifles, machine guns and antitank missile launchers.
•Twenty challenging levels set on five planets each with a unique terrain ranging from Arctic waste to lands of fire and lava.
•In game world map and radar which can be displayed at any time.
•Lots of hardware for you and your soldiers to control, ranging from three types of tanks, jeeps, repair vehicles and armoured personal carriers to field guns and missile launchers.
•Robot leaders provide you with spoken alerts throughout the game.
•Capture and control installations including factories manufacturing robots and vehicles, radar and vehicle repair facilities.
•You choose what kind of robot or vehicle your factories manufacture.
•Z comes with pictorial player guide.
•Scoreloop achievements

Z is... the fastest, funniest, most frantic, feature-packed action-strategy game you'll play this century!

What's in Z Origins - (Z The Game) 1.3 Android:
* Fixed reported bugs, the game is now stable
* Fixed loading screen so it appears when loading a game from the pause menu.
* Reduced loading time of saved games.
* Fixed issue loading saved games from a previous version would result in units unable to move.
* Fixed various tomb-stoning problems.
* Once again, thanks for all the great feedback more updates soon.

SD files: (unpack the .rar and put uk.co.kavcom.ZOrigins folder to sdcard/Android/obb)

Patch obb: Copy to sdcard/Android/obb/uk.co.kavcom.ZOrigins .

Z Origins - (Z The Game) 1.3 Android Download

Download Here
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Offfice Lover Kiss 1.2.5 Android Download

Offfice Lover Kiss 1.2.5 Android Download
Offfice Lover Kiss v1.2.5 Mediafire Download
Android Download Offfice Lover Kiss 1.2.5 Apk
 Offfice Lover Kiss 1.2.5 Android Download
Offfice Lover Kiss is a love game situated in the offfice enviroment. You and your college is having a thing going on, but nobody knows about it yet... If your boss would find out he would be very mad, it's happened before that he fired staff for kissing at work, so try to be discreat with your kisses, but keep the romance up in the offfice.. It's harder than you think.
Love requires more than enthusiasm. You must have the stealth of a ninja! Avoid detection while you pursue affection!
Watch out for the clock, try to get a higher score.
Touch the screen to steal kisses while your boss is looking away.

You may use the latest Lucky Patcher to remove the ads

Offfice Lover Kiss 1.2.5 Android Download

Download Here
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AutoWifi - Simpli4Me Edition 2.0.2 Android Download

AutoWifi - Simpli4Me Edition 2.0.2 Android Download
AutoWifi - Simpli4Me Edition 2.0.2 Apk
Free Android AutoWifi - Simpli4Me Edition Download
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: AutoWifi activates the Wifi feature of your device when you connect a power or USB cable. And it deactivates it when you disconnect the cable. Automatically. This saves you both, money and data volume. And you don't need to worry about battery power.
AutoWifi - Simpli4Me Edition 2.0.2 Android Download
AutoWifi - a Tool from the Simpli4Me Collection
Your device downloads from the internet all the time? Your data volume is limited? AutoWifi helps you to save data volume, cost and takes care of your battery.

AutoWifi activates the Wifi feature of your device when you connect a power or USB cable. And it deactivates it when you disconnect the cable. Automatically. This saves you both, money and data volume. And you don't need to worry about battery power.

AutoWifi provides your device with a fast and high-bandwidth internet connection for Google App Store updates and other traffic. Automatically. Simple and easy.

--- We respect your privacy ---
This app has been tested for data security. The app does not access your personal data. All app settings are stored locally on your device. No data is sent to the outside world. There is no built-in advertisement to track your behavior.

--- We pay attention to your battery consumption ---
This app has been optimized for low battery power consumption. Wifi is only activated as long as a cable is connected.

--- Life is a little easier with us ---
This app is part of the “Simpli4Me Collection”. Apps from this collection help you to handle your smartphone in an easy way.

AutoWifi - Simpli4Me Edition 2.0.2 Android Download

Download Here
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Drag Toilet Paper 1.7.2 Android Download

Drag Toilet Paper 1.7.2 Android Download
Android Drag Toilet Paper v1.7.2 Apk
Free Download Drag Toilet Paper Apk
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Overview: It's a simple yet addictive game that gives you a little hand exercise by dragging off a roll of toilet paper. Get it, Drag it, See how fast you can finish this!
Drag Toilet Paper 1.7.2 Android Download
Recent changes:
# Support large Screen such as Xoom, Sensation,etc
# Performance optimized
Content rating: Everyone

Drag Toilet Paper 1.7.2 Android Download

Download Here
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ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android Download

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android Download
ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form v1.9.5.0
Apk Download ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Audio & Video Multimedia PDF Reader
Annotate, Listen, and Fill out PDF Form
ezPDF Reader is the Best Selling and the Best Rated Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator (palm rejection for Samsung s pen and HTC scribe pen), and form filler.
ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android Download
ezPDF Reader is the Best Selling and the Best Rated Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator (palm rejection for Samsung s pen and HTC scribe pen), and form filler.

Over 350,000 sold! Thank you.
Introducing our new app : ezPDF Name Flags - Now FREE!
Please leave your comments and review. For the bug reports, suggestions, volume sales, and business inquiries, please send us your email to android(at)unidocs.com
Brief User Guide: http://goo.gl/wP9UC

App Review
"Plenty of PDF readers are available for Android devices, and a number of them are free. But ezPDF is by far the best of the bunch." Daniel A. Begun, author of Amazing Android Apps For Dummies

Customized Viewing
Clearly presented without the fluff, documents appear as they would on your PC, but customized to fit your mobile device's screen. Scanned and text based PDFs are all supported, including JPEG2000 and JBIG2 compression. Select Text Reflow, Fit to Text Column, Copy and paste text in PDF view and bookmark as you go or Change Reading Direction to ease reading

PDF Form Filler
Good for application forms, school tests, and contracts. Fill out your PDF form with ezPDF Reader. Sign with Freehand, and send via email.

Multimedia PDF Viewer - Audio, Video, and TTS (using device's built-in Text-to-Speech feature)
It also plays multimedia files embedded into PDF. Perfect solution for PDF based audio/video-enabled Ebooks, such as children's books and instructional manuals. (Multimedia file format must be compatible to your Android device, However, no support for Flash) Use Voice Reading feature to have documents read to you with the continuous automatic page-turning feature. (It uses TTS feature of the hardware settings)

Annotation Features on PDF - No need to print for marking
Useful tool to add text in text box and sticky notes; highlight, underline, or cross out texts; draw rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings. Add memo & append images from camera shots or galleries, change color / thickness, resize and move them around as you like. All these comments are compatible with Adobe® Acrobat®. (PC or Mac version)

Please download "ezPDF Reader Cloud Plugin" App for uploading and downloading files between Google Docs & ezPDF Readeer.

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android More Features
- Text View with reflow function. Night / Day Mode, Able to change font size and color (text and background)
- Thumbnail image view
- Landscape view OK
- Search (Options for case sensitive, whole word or part, exact word, and/or operator) and highlighted result
- Auto Fit Zoom for multi-column article or removing white margin
- Crop or Rotate page
- Scroll lock / unlock
- Able to select text in PDF, save to clipboard, web search, share with other apps, check with dictionary (Support ColorDict)
- Support hyperlinks (Go to page within the PDF, Call PDF to PDF, URL links to webpage)
- Open Standard Password-protected PDF (Important! If the file is protected with the DRM applied to PDF file, this would not open the file.)
- Intuitive bookmarking & viewing bookmarks with its description and ribbon & thumbnail image
- Auto Page Turn (in secs) or Auto Scroll (up a screen full)
- Table of Contents
- Zoom in & out (Pinch or double tap)
- Page navigation with thumbnail scroll images
- Jump to a specific page by its Page Number
- Able to change reading direction - Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Hebrew
- Undo & Redo button
- Support Trackball
- Page Turning Effect (Flip); Can be turned off
- FREE PDF Conversion Program for PC (link to download)
- 5-point-tap : Annotation Tool On or Off
- 4-point-tap : Notification Bar On or Off
- 3-point-tap : PDF view or Text Reflow view
- 2-point-tap : Reduces the page to fit the width when enlarged
- 1-point-tap : Toggles Menu On or Off

What's in ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form:
- New Annotation Toolbar Items for Continuous Text Mark-up.
- Annotation Toolbar is editable.
- Bugfix.

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android Download

Download Here
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C.H.A.O.S (CHAOS) 5.0.2 Android Download

C.H.A.O.S (CHAOS) Apk v5.0.2
C.H.A.O.S (CHAOS) 5.0.2 Android Download
CHAOS Apk Download
Android CHAOS Apk Free Download
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Achieve new ranks, gain experience, upgrade helicopter and deter your enemy!

C.H.A.O.S (CHAOS) 5.0.2 Android Download
In C.H.A.O.S you will step into pilot's shoes and experience fierce air combats while flying one of the most hardcore helicopters in the world.

A secret organization named C.H.A.O.S has been established by the dictators who lost their power and now they aim at world domination. As a brave pilot, you've been hired to prevent them from expanding their influence to other countries. You're about to take this challenge and save the world from terror!

Choose helicopters from different manufacturers from the USA, Russia and Europe such as AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk, Hind, Ka-52 Alligator, RAH-66 Comanche and more! Accomplish missions, go through intensive air combats and defeat the enemy!

Achieve new ranks, get money and gain experience, upgrade your helicopter and deter your enemy!

CHAOS Apk Features:
- Realistic helicopter simulator with action packed gameplay
- Highly detailed helicopter models from different manufacturers
- Award-winning visual and sound effects
- Real-world battle locations
- Eight training missions to get ready for real air combat frenzy
- Helicopter upgrades

The entire world is under attack. And you're here to save it from terror!

What's inC.H.A.O.S (CHAOS) 5.0.2:
Security system updated
Chinese localization added
We changed gameplay rules, now everybody has a chance to WIN!

C.H.A.O.S (CHAOS) 5.0.2 Android Download

Download Here
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Gmail Widgets 4.1 Android Download

Gmail Widgets Apk Download
Android Gmail Widgets Apk Free
Gmail Widgets v4.1 Android App Download
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: Gmail Widgets is the best collection of beautiful homescreen widgets in a variety of sizes that show the number of unread emails and message previews.

Gmail Widgets 4.1 Android Download

Until Android 3.0, the Gmail app does not come with any widgets. This app fills that gap. The Gmail widget in 3.0 and later versions is unreliable and not customisable.

Unlike some of the other Gmail widgets on Google Play, this app works with the latest version of the Gmail app and is compatible with 2.3 (Gingerbread) and later. It also includes some exclusive widgets for 3.0 (Honeycomb), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

Review of an older version on TalkAndroid. http://www.talkandroid.com/100486-ge...o/#more-100486

Gmail Widgets 4.1 Android Features
- Supports push email - updates automatically when new mail arrives (it may not update immediately while you read mails)
- Previews - shows the first lines of the message in addition to sender and subject (depending on size)
- Supports different labels (e.g. Priority Inbox, Starred, and custom labels) from several accounts, even on the same widget (unified inbox)
- Open Gmail or compose a new message quickly from the widget
- Customisable appearance through themes and icons
- Many different sizes to choose from, including scrollable, resizable stack and list widgets for newer Android versions

Please note
- When you perform actions on your new mail, these may not be reflected immediately, even if you refresh manually. The purpose of these widgets is to notify you of new messages as soon as they arrive.
- It may take up to 30 seconds for the widget to refresh the first time and after a reboot. During this time it may not look like anything is happening!

What's in Gmail Widgets Apk:
Sometimes it is necessary to remove and re-add the widgets after an update!
4.1: Added contact icons to some widgets, ability to filter unified inboxes by label, bugfixes
4.0: Added option to show new SMS and emails on the same widget, Polish and Chinese (Taiwan) translations
3.5: Improved configuration user interface, several bugfixes
3.4: Added configuration button to larger widgets - change the options without having to remove and add the widgets again!

Gmail Widgets 4.1 Android Download

Download Here
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Neutron Music Player 1.59 Android Download

Neutron Music Player Apk Full v1.59 Proper(Nomal+Neon)
Neutron Music Player 1.59 Android Download
Android Neutron Music Player Apk Download
Requirements: Android 2.1 +
Overview: Professional audio quality and unique UI!

Neutron features own professional HD 32-bit audio rendering core which helps to deliver best possible sound quality from your Android device to the external speakers, or headphones.

Neutron has sophisticated UI which provides advanced controls for music playback. It is not easy, or another pop music player, it is developed for audiophiles and those who love music. Recommended for use with Hi-Fi/High-End audio hardware.

Hope you'll like Neutron! and have fun with it!

Neutron Music Player Apk FEATURES:

* 32-bit audio decoding/processing for high quality HD audio.
* Audio formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC, WMA, AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE (Monkey's Audio), WV (WavPack), MPC (MusePack), WAV, AU, AIFF, MPG/MPEG (audio only), AVI (audio only), iTunes/Wi ndows Media inclusive except DRM-protected.
* Modular audio formats: MOD, IM, XM, S3M.
* Voice audio format: SPEEX.
* Surround sound DSP (Ambiophonic R.A.C.E. technology).
* Crossfeed DSP (for better stereo music listening experience with headphones).
* Rumble Filter DSP (to protect speakers from overloading with frequencies below 20 Hz).
* Normalization (post EQ re-mastering of tracks).
* Streaming audio: M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM.
* HQ 4-band parametric equalizer.
* Accurate gapless playback.
* Replay Gain.
* HQ Resampling with 3 modes: fast, quality, audiophile.
* Dithering (to improve audio quality by eliminating quantization in signal).
* Crossfading (including manual track switching in playlist).
* Balance.
* Shuffle playback.
* Looped playback.
* Database/Folder modes.
* Queuing.
* CUE Sheet support (including built into metadata).
* Media database grouping by: album, artist, genre.
* Unicode tags.
* Real-time multi-band spectrum analyzer.
* Real-time RMS bar.
* Master and Preamp digital volume adjustment.
* Android widgets and Lock Screen mode.
* Movable to external SD Card.
* Night UI mode with colorful audio visualization.
* Album art (supported: PNG, JPG, BMP, incl. metadata from tags).
* Album art visual effect based on currently playing music.
* Clock mode.
* Sleep timer: 15,30,45,60,90 minutes.
* Wake timer.
* Automatic key-lock with colorful audio visualization.
* Highly customizable through Settings.
* Smart CPU/Battery consumption.
Recent changes:
* Improved swipe layer event handling.
* Ability to share music file (long-press music entry -> SHARE).
* Album date parsing.
* Sorting options: by 'Artist, Year & Album'; 'Year & Album'.
* Extended music entry menu (long-press) when in Queue.
* RealAudio Lossless codec.
! Fixed album/artist splitter showing incorrect info sometimes when list moving up.
! Fixed swipe acceleration to the left not causing screen to change sometimes.
! Fixed pressing on track not always showing its UI level.

Neutron Music Player Apk Full

Download Here
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Springpad 3.1.5 Android Download

Springpad Apk v3.1.5
Springpad 3.1.5 Android Download
Download Springpad Android Apk
Springpad Android Apk Download
Requirements: Android: 2.1 and up
Overview: Springpad is an amazing way to save, share and act on what's important to you.
Save what you love, organize it into smart notebooks, collaborate with others and share it with the world. Your life will never be the same.

Save anything, from anywhere.
- Collect things you find on the go or on the web.
- Clip an article, snap a photo, scan a barcode, record a voice memo or save a nearby place.
- Access the things you save from any of your devices.
Whatever you save, we'll make it better.
- Save a restaurant, and we'll give you a map and reviews.
- Save a movie, and we'll add Rotten Tomatoes reviews and nearby showtimes.
- Save a recipe, and we'll create an ingredient list and suggest wine pairings.
- Save a product, and we'll tell you when there's a price drop. Get the idea?
Collaborate on notebooks with friends, family and co-workers.
- Invite your family to collect ideas for your upcoming family vacation.
- Invite your foodie friends to share their favorite recipes.
- Invite your spouse to save restaurant and movie ideas for date night.
- Collaborate with co-workers on a project, or collect must-read industry articles.
Share and discover great content.
From "Favorite West Village Brunch Spots" to "Essential Beach Reads," the notebooks you curate could be valuable to others. Springpad lets you easily share your best notebooks with the world. You can also explore and follow notebooks from other users within the Springpad community.
How might you use Springpad?
1. Save your favorite recipes - invite your family to collaborate, access ingredients on the go.
2. Plan your next vacation - save hotel, restaurants, activities, subway maps, etc.
3. Save bookmarks for reading later - never forget an important article or book.
4. Create a movies-I-must-see-this-summer-or-else list.
5. Build wish lists and shopping lists.
6. Collaborate with co-workers on a project.

Springpad Free Android Download

Download Here
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ROM Toolbox Pro 5.2.5 Android Download

ROM Toolbox Pro Apk 5.2.5 Free Download
Android ROM Toolbox Pro Apk Download
ROM Toolbox Pro v5.2.5 Download Apk
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: ROM Toolbox is the MUST HAVE app for any rooted user.

ROM Toolbox combines all the great root apps all tied up into one monster app with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. It also adds many more unseen features!
This app requires root permission.


==== TOOLS ====

-- ROM Manager --
☆ Install full ROMs and other zips from a growing list of ROMs
☆ Create, manage and restore nandroid backups
☆ Wipe data, cache, dalvik-cache, battery stats
☆ Install a ROM from your SD card

-- App Manager --
☆ Batch backup & restore
☆ Automatically backup apps when they are installed
☆ Automatically delete backups when uninstalled (off by default)
☆ Send backups via gmail/email or dropbox
☆ Sort backups by already installed, same as installed, older versions, etc.
☆ Backup/restore app data
☆ Backup/restore Android Market link
☆ Task manager
☆ View memory usage
☆ Show/hide different processes
☆ Automated batch uninstaller
☆ E-mail your apps to friends
☆ Share with other applications which accept text (SMS, facebook, google reader, etc...)
☆ Move *any* user app to the SD card
☆ Freeze/Defrost system & user apps
☆ Market Doctor (Link *any* app to the Android Market)
☆ Break market links
☆ Clean up dalvik-cache
☆ Zipalign all apks
☆ Fix permissions on all apps
☆ Wipe data or cache for apps
☆ Force close apps

-- Root File Browser --
☆ Access the whole of android's file system (including the elusive data folder!).
☆ Batch copy/paste, zip, tar, delete, move any file or folder
☆ Change file permissions and ownership
☆ View, edit and share files
☆ Add new files & folders in any directory

-- Scripter & Terminal Emulator --
☆ Create and run scripts as root
☆ Download & run new scripts from an ever-growing list

-- Auto Start Manager --
☆ Enable/disable apps that run on start-up
☆ Enable/disable any intent/action apps receive

-- Ad Blocker --
☆ Choose to block ads, porn, casino & risky sites
☆ Add new sites to the hosts file
☆ Use custom IP

-- Configure Apps2SD --
☆ Select the default install location for apps

-- Rebooter --
☆ Reboot recovery, powerdown, bootloader, restart status bar, etc.

==== INTERFACE ====

-- Font Installer --
☆ Install custom fonts to your whole device from a list of over 150
☆ Set fonts as favorites and send them to friends

- Boot Animation Installer --
☆ Install custom boot animations from over 100+
☆ Preview boot animations
☆ Backup & preview your current animation

-- Theme Manager --
☆ Create themes to install to your system
☆ Install a theme from other users

-- Icon Changer --
☆ Customize your status bar by installing custom icons for wifi, 3g/4g, gps, usb, etc.
☆ Change your battery icons in the status bar to a custom one from a list of 150+

-- Boot Logo Changer --
☆ Change your boot logo (splash screen) for supported phones

-- Theme Chooser Themes --
☆ View a list of themes for the CM7 theme chooser


-- CPU Sliders --
☆ SetCPU and scaling governor
☆ Apply cpu at boot
☆ View cpu info

-- Build.prop Tweaks --
☆ Easily edit your build.prop
☆ Change lcd density, improve battery life, increase performance

-- Auto Memomory Manager --
☆ Set minfree values and select from presets
☆ Apply minfree at boot

-- SD Boost --
☆ Increase the speed of your SD card

-- Sysctl Tweaks --
☆ Easily modify sysctl values


Are you a ROM developer? Get your ROM in Rom Toolbox today! Email us, what are you waiting for? We would also love if you put ROM Toolbox (free) in your ROM. Email us and we will offer support

1. Remove other previous version including data.
2. Install, don't run ROM toolbox pro, then use Lucky Patcher to remove the protection via custom patch

ROM Toolbox Pro 5.2.5 Android Download

Download Here
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Agenda Widget Plus 2.1.8 Android Download

Agenda Widget Plus Apk v2.1.8
Agenda Widget Plus 2.1.8 Android Download
Download Free Agenda Widget Plus Apk
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 +
Overview: View Google events and tasks on the Android homescreen!
Agenda Widget Plus 2.1.8 Android Download
Homescreen widget which allows you to show Calendars from:
- Google including Activesync
- Motorola Droid corporate calendar application(now obsolete)
- Touchdown exchange

- Astrid
- SSI gTasks
- Dato GTask
- Google Task Organizer (Full version)
- Got To Do (Full version))

You can also change the click action for events to open applications such as:
- Jorte
- Calendar Pad
- Pocket Informant
- Business Calendar
- Calengoo

What's in Agenda Widget Plus Apk 2.1.8:
Jellybean update may require you to follow these steps:
- data sources
- tap clear calendars
- set calendars
- select your calendars again
- Fixed Android Tablet device widgets not refreshing on preference change
- Fixed crash when filtering Quick Agenda popup with 0 date tasks

Agenda Widget Plus 2.1.8 Android Download

Download Here
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King Fighter III 1.3 Android Download

King Fighter III Apk v1.3
King Fighter III Android Apk Download
Download King Fighter III Apk Android Free
Requirement: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: You are main hero, this time you are not alone, your beautiful partner will help you to resists the evil forces together.
King Fighter III 1.3 Android Download
You are main hero, this time you are not alone, your beautiful partner will help you to resists the evil forces together.

A-long should enjoy wonderful holiday, but this peace was disturbed by an unexpected arrests and burst. The police was targeted that Wanted Man and A-Long who were attacked and coma when you arrest criminal trading. However, when you wake up, you find that your body was full of energy, this without any conscious control over energy to let your forces are out, you put the shirt and the beauty pair "lipstick" and hearts will start a fight to the death.

Bring a new wave of more readily, gorgeous fighting the wind, and add different game-play BOSS new, ambitious full. A variety of gorgeous varied skills with level and open. Definitely, it’s exciting game with fresh elements.

King Fighter III Android is an action martial arts game; you are A-Long who were attacked and coma when you arrest criminal trading.

King Fighter III Apk Features:
*Sensitive control! Using multiple fighting strategies
* Learn the moves in "Teaching Mode”
* Various updates levels and arena mode are on the way soon!
* Smooth punches and kicks!
* It supports dual role system, level switch, a variety of hidden challenge levels and many other new elements.

King Fighter III 1.3 Android Download

Download Here
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Crazy Racing 3D 1.0.8 Android Download

Crazy Racing 3D Apk v1.0.8
Crazy Racing 3D 1.0.8 Android Download
Android Crazy Racing 3D Apk
Requirement: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Shake your phone to drive the crazy Car. Shoot at other cars using missile to win the race.It's a simple but crazy game.
Crazy Racing 3D 1.0.8 Android Download
★★★★★The Best Hit Racing Game Is Coming! ★★★★★
★★★highly addictive HD 3D car racing game★★★

Shake your phone to drive the crazy Car. Shoot at other cars using missile to win the race.It's a simple but crazy game.

Give your daily life a little exercise and much more fun! Rock it! Here we go!
Speed Lovers!! Get your driving suit to drive crazy car racing. The highway is open and wideyou need to control your car and weapon to win the race.

Crazy Racing 3D 1.0.8 Android Download

Download Here
Flat screen monitors Wireless keyboards

Beetle Bounce 1.3 Android Download

Beetle Bounce Apk v1.3
Beetle Bounce 1.3 Android Download
Android Beetle Bounce 1.3 Apk Free
Requirements: 2.2 +
Overview: It's a wildly fun casual arcade game where you bump & bounce beetles into holes!
Beetle Bounce 1.3 Android Download
Beetles love to be bounced! Have fun bumping, thumping and bouncing these little creatures about as you rack up points.

Clear all the beetles and your score will skyrocket. The more you play, the wilder it gets!
There are 27 levels, complete with rocket bumpers, shooting stars, spiky giants and unlimited powerups.
It's a casual arcade game that's infinitely playable and totally engrossing.

Beetle Bounce 1.3 Android Download

Flat screen monitors Wireless keyboards
Download Here

Pool Mania 1.4 Android Download

Pool Mania Apk v1.4
Pool Mania 1.4 Android Download
Download Pool Mania Apk
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Pool Mania!
Pool Mania is a billiard, which also combine Arcade Mode. It is easy to play but very addictive.
Pool Mania 1.4 Android Download
How to play:
1. drag to adjust cue angle
2. press button to adjust cue angle slightly
3. drag to adjust power
Pool Mania Features:
- Arcade Mode, up to 120 levels
- Challenge mode, try to get more score in limited time
- easy to play, suitable for any age
- properties: stars, covers, iron blocks
- various tables
- more functions comming soon
What's in Pool Mania Apk:
Sound bug fixed.
- Add 30 new levels.

Pool Mania 1.4 Android Download

Download Here

Derby Dash 3D 1.5.1 Android Download

Derby Dash 3D v1.5.1
Android Derby Dash 3D Apk 1.5.1 Download with Derby Dash 3D, dont just ride, with the game with strategy.
Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Perhaps you have ridden on a horse, but just on horseback and carried away by others; perhaps you have watched the horse racing on TV or onsite, but just a "bystander".
Derby Dash 3D 1.5.1 Android Download

In fact, horse racing is not only to ride on horseback; this is a battle of strategy. In DerbyDash3D, put your strategy to good use, to be the winner.
In this game, we are free to bring up our own horses, to meet the needs of different competitions. Sometimes we need a horse has the higher ability of sprint to get ahead in competitions. But sometimes we need a horse has the higher ability of explosive force to do well when it shoots out of the corral.
A cute picture and an emotionally charged atmosphere are both in this game. The operation of the game is very simple and there are different kinds of levels and complex matches, you can also gain many props when you in the competition.
[PS:You can get food on the race track. Every five minutes food will be regain 1 point,food will be filled within 3 hours.]

Build 3D scene, not only the traditional grass runway, sand, but also alien physiognomy such as Pandora star. There is elaborately painted beautiful scenery outside of the runway.

Traditional racing mode, ride on your beloved mount to be the winner.

Provide eight kinds of mounts, such as Mechanical dinosaur, Zombie Horse, and Unicorn. You can constantly strengthen mount through win the match.
Beside that, there are four properties for upgrade: speed, strength, endurance, recovery.
Bring up your own king mount.

The actual whip and growl of mounts let you be personally on the scene. Come on! Exciting games are waiting for your challenges, and kinds of props to choose in track. The success is next to the failure!

Derby Dash 3D 1.5.1 Android Download

Download Here

Total Recall - The Game - Ep1 1.0 Android Download

Total Recall - The Game - Ep1 v1.0 Apk
From the great movie comes a great game Total Recall Download Apk
Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+
Total Recall - The Game - Ep1 1.0 Android Download

Discover the new Total Recall game that comes out of the original movie.
In the first episode of the game, Doug brings us through planet Mars. Help him discover the 10 hidden secrets to accomplish this first mission.

The more you move on in the game, the more enemies and bosses you’ll have to kill.
For that, Doug will be equipped with different weapons. Some of them are limited in ammo, so be careful not to waste it.

Enjoy the fun and intuitive gameplay
Discover big levels, offering a long time to play.
High quality 3D graphics.
New episode will be coming out soon!
Have fun dreams!

Total Recall - The Game Free Apk Download 

Download Here

Paris Must Be Destroyed 1.0.3 Android Download

Paris Must Be Destroyed 1.0.3 Apk
Beat boredom with Paris Must Be Destroyed 1.0.3 Apk
Download Paris Must Be Destroyed Apk and play it now
Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: One thing is certain, you won't get bored.
Paris Must Be Destroyed 1.0.3 Android Download
Welcome dear tourist! Mind the gap (and the explosions) when leaving the plane...
We wish you a pleasant stay in the world's most beautiful city.

Paris by day or Paris by Night, discover 14 of the capital's most tourist-orientated and picturesque sites. In vehicles, each one more strange than the last, in the air or on the ground. You will have to visit, photograph, fight, explode, shoot, crush, burn, disintegrate, atomise... Not forgetting the inescapable gastronomic night out.

One thing is certain, you won't get bored.

PS: DeckEleven Travel does not accept any responsibility in the event of spontaneous combustion, abduction by aliens, or fortuitous death.

Paris Must Be Destroyed 1.0.3 Free Download

Download Here

Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO 1.5.1 Android Download

Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO 1.5.1 Apk
Android Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO 1.5.1 Download
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Android Jelly Bean Keyboard from Android 4.1 ported to work on your device!
Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO 1.5.1 Android Download

Jelly Bean Keyboard Apk is the best port of Jelly Bean Keyboard on the market!
Initial launch promotional period. US $1.99 for LIMITED TIME ONLY! Price will go up at the end of promotional period!

PRO Only features:
- Themes: compatible with GO keyboard themes, Better Keyboard themes, and most keyboard themes on the market!
- Fonts: change keyboard fonts!
- Key height, width, key size customizations!
- No annoying ads!
- Help developer feed his kids!

Jelly Bean Keyboard - The keyboard from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

This is the keyboard from Android 4.1 (codename Jelly Bean). I back ported it to work with all android deivces 1.6 and up. Everything is working except Speech Recognition will require android 2.2 or higher.

This essentially the same Jelly Bean Keyboard you will find in Android 4.1 but I made a few minor adjustments to it to make it work a little better.

It's even better than the original Jelly Bean keyboard:
- Compatible with most android devices
- Features that are incompatible with older phones were removed to make the keyboard faster
- Bigger Keys!
- Reduced app size by exporting non-English languages as separate downloads
- More user friendly


Supported 40+ languages layout: English, English UK, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bulgarian BDS, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French (Canada), French QWERTY, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Kirghiz, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian Bokmal, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Supported dictionaries:
English, English UK, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Swiftkey like next word prediction is English ONLY at this time!

Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO 1.5.1 Android Download

Download Here

GBA.emu 1.4.31 Android Download

GBA.emu 1.4.31 Apk
Android GBA.emu 1.4.31 Download
GBA.emu 1.4.31 Download and emulate the classic Gameboy Advance (GBA) hand-held on your Android device. Requirements: Android 2.3 and up

GBA.emu 1.4.31 Apk

Gameboy Advance emulator based on VBA-M r1097 (GPL), designed and tested on the Xoom, Galaxy S2, and Xperia Play, but works on many devices with similar specs. I have made a number of custom optimizations to increase speed while maintaining VBA-M's excellent compatibility and audio quality. You should have at least a 1GHz CPU for best results.

GBA.emu 1.4.31 Apk Features include:
* High-level BIOS emulation, no BIOS file needed
* Backup memory and save state support, auto-save and ten manual slots for save states. State files are interchangeable with the PC version of VBA-M.
* Supports games in .gba format, optionally in .zip files
* Configurable on-screen multi-touch controls & keyboard support (up to 4 touches supported at once), and an Xperia Play optimized button layout
* Wiimote + Classic Controller, iControlPad, and Zeemote JS1 support (no need to purchase a separate app, see website for full instructions)
* Portrait/Landscape auto-orientation support

No ROMs are included with this app and must be supplied by the user. A number of public domain games/demos are available at http://www.pdroms.de. Transfer games anywhere to your SD card and browse to them from within the app (default SD card directory is /mnt/sdcard).

Follow me on Twitter for updates about my apps:

Visit the homepage at explusalpha.com for more info, ports for other platforms, and my other apps (including Snes9x EX). Please report any crashes or device-specific problems via email (include your device name and OS version) so future updates continue to run on as many devices as possible.

What's in GBA.emu 1.4.31 Apk:
* Graphics fixes for Camelot games (Golden Sun, etc.)
* Fixed auto-frameskip lockup
* Sound buffer size option to control latency and new playback code for Android 2.3+
* Java-based Bluetooth support for devices that can't use the C implementation
* Option to show/hide status bar
* Other various fixes (see site for full list)

GBA.emu 1.4.31 Free Apk Download

Download Here

Fast Burst Camera 3.1.7 Android Download

Fast Burst Camera 3.1.7 Android Download
Fast Burst Camera Apk 3.1.7 Android  App
Fast Burst Camera .Apk Download
Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Take 5 to 10 pictures per second with this high-speed camera application
Fast Burst Camera 3.1.7 Android Download
Fast Burst Camera is capable of taking 5 to 10 photos per second. Hold shoot button for continuous burst, or tap for fast single shots
Supports flash, focus and zoom. Shutter sound can be turned of.

Great for
- sports shots
- pictures of kids or pets
- party camera
- taking a burst of pictures in an important situation, and pick the best later
- analyse your golf swing frame-by-frame

Tips for good burst photos
- get as much light as possible - especially when capturing things or people in motion
- keep the camera steady
- hold the shoot button for continuous bursts, and pick the good shots later

What's in Fast Burst Camera Apk 3.1.7:
- added support for front camera
- fixed crash bug for Android 2.2 phones ( sorry about it )

Fast Burst Camera Apk Download
Download Here

Camera FV-5 1.23 Android Download

Camera FV-5 1.23 Android Download
Camera FV-5 Apk 1.23 Android Game
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips.
Camera FV-5 1.23 Android Download

Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and get stunning results. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!

Major features:
• All photographic parameters are adjustable and always at hand: exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and program mode.
• DSLR-like viewfinder display: see exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV and bracketing settings.
• Full fledged exposure bracketing: from 3 to 7 frames, unlimited stops spacing, plus custom EV shifting.
• Built-in intervalometer: make stunning timelapses (even bracketed/HDR timelapses) and time-controlled picture series.
• Program and Speed-priority modes.
• Long exposure support: take beautiful night photos and light trails with long exposure times up to 30 seconds*.
• JPEG as well as RAW (PNG**) image formats for lossless photo capturing, perfect for post-processing.
• All camera functions assignable to volume keys. You can adjust EV, ISO, color temperature and more using volume keys. Devices with hardware camera shutter key are also supported.
• EXIF and XMP sidecar metadata support.
• Self timer for delayed shooting.
• Autofocus, macro, touch-to-focus*** and infinity focus modes, plus a focus lock switch (AF-L).
• Autoexposure (AE-L) and auto white balance (AWB-L) locks in Android 4.0+.
• In background photo developing and processing allows a smooth, uninterrupted camera operation.
• Digital zoom using multitouch pinch gesture. Also shows 35mm equivalent focal length!

This camera application completely avoids scene modes, instead you get full manual control over all photographic parameters, just like you do with a reflex camera, so you can ultimately control every aspect of the picture, and leave the post-processing to the computer. So after your DSLR, you will never miss a photo opportunity again, being able to capture it with the closer sensation to your DSLR as possible.

If you find a bug using the application, please, visit the web page http://www.camerafv5.com or write to support@camerafv5.com with your phone model name and the description of the problem, before writing a negative comment. Customer satisfaction is my priority, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible!
* Long exposures lowers picture resolution to 2 or 1 MP, depending models. The reason is explained here: http://www.camerafv5.com/faq.php#lon...ure-resolution
** Lossless PNG saving is a memory intensive operation. Some devices might need to raise the memory limit for Camera FV-5 to save PNG pictures. See the FAQ here: http://www.camerafv5.com/faq.php#png-memory
*** Touch-to-focus available for Android 4.0+ devices. Under Android 2.x, available only on Motorola, HTC and Nvidia camera drivers, plus some Samsung drivers and other phones.

What's in Camera FV-5 1.23 Apk:
- New: burst mode. Located under the [MENU] button, when the toggle is active, a burst indicator appears on the viewfinder, and as long as the capture button is held, pictures are taken continuously. Beware that the focus is not adjusted from shot to shot.
- Fixed: now Camera FV-5 appears on the camera applications list on Android 4 gallery application's camera button.

Camera FV-5 Apk Download
Download Here

Greedy Spiders 2.2 Android Download

Greedy Spiders 2.2 Android Download
Greedy Spiders Apk Android Games
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Save the bugs from the Greedy Spiders!
Greedy Spiders 2.2 Android Download

Mixed Meal, new scenario with new levels!!
Somewhere out there, a tiny world needs a huge hand...
The Spiders have come to town and they are planning on dining their friendly neighbors.
Use your intelligence in this exciting puzzle game and prevent the Spiders from pulling off their plan.

Carefully plan your escape from Wild Hills, Scary Crypts and many other scenarios to reach the final cut scene.

Thinking of an easy game? Wait until you find yourself dealing with up to three evil and hungry spiders.

As you progress through the levels, new actions, new spiders and new surprises will be available.
Deceive a spider, burn down the spider web or even invoke a supernatural power to save a bug...use everything at your hands to avoid being eaten in this breath taking journey.

★★★★★ By BigRawn (October 2, 2011)
"Arachnid phobia! More challenging than Angry Birds and Stupid Ninja put together, this one might actually cause you think!! While still having fun."

★★★★★ By Lorax (September 18, 2011)
"Fun, approachable puzzle game which begins easy but quickly becomes quite the challenge. Great replay value, easily as good or better than Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Quell and other puzzlers. Well done!"

★★★★★ By Nicolas Gramlich, AndEngine framework founder.
"One of the best AndEngine games!"

Greedy Spiders Apk 2.2 KEY FEATURES:
✓ 178 challenging levels!
✓ 7 different types of bugs!
✓ Warning: extremely addictive!
✓ Delightful and funny graphics.
✓ More scenarios and levels coming soon!

What's in Greedy Spiders Apk
Version 2.2
✓ Mixed Meal: new scenario & new levels!

Greedy Spiders 2.2 Download
Download Here

Inotia 4 1.0.7 Android Download

Inotia 4 1.0.7 Android Download
Overview: Inotia saga brought to the next level in the fourth RPG adventure!
Inotia 4 1.0.7 Android Download
Which side will you choose when the two forces rise again?
Inotia saga brought to the next level! 《Inotia 4》

Stride along with Kiyan, the Shadow Tribe's virtuoso, and Eara, the influential Channel of Light, in their fantasy adventure story.
With improved graphics and storyline from the previous series, get indulged in the battles against goblins, orcs, and more!

A new hero awaits to be released from his shadows, or not...in the all-new Inotian continent mobile RPG action game!

★Supports: English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體.

■ Feature Highlights ■

- 6 Classes, 90 Skills
Choose from 6 classes; Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock, Priest, and Ranger.
15 different skills are added to each class. Combine all skills to customize your party's strategy.

- Convenient Party System
Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere.
Once all mercenaries are recruited, 20 or more unique 'mercenary skills' will help you along your journey.

- One Of The Largest Mobile RPG Maps
Dry deserts and freezing snowfields, mysterious forests and dark dungeons...
400 maps with various themes to roam through!

- A Tragic Destiny and Other Schemes await the Shadow Assassin and the Channel of Light
A breathless chase-and-run story where the two heroes meet companions, enemies, and monsters; Be immersed in emotions as the darkness and light contradicts in force...
Enjoy a stronger, and better, scenario.

- Exclusive Sub-quests Ready To Be Unraveled
Enjoy other sub-quests in each region of the Inotian continent besides the main story.
As you accomplish the quests, you will get your hands on some extraordinary items.
Listen to stories of each villager and monster to unfold other mysteries.

- End of a Story means a Beginning of a New Journey: Infinite Dungeon for Hardcore Players
Cleared the whole story? Get ready to start a new one in Infinite Dungeon!
5 different memory layers will relocate you to a battle that was of your past...but different the next time.
Fight villains that are even more vicious and smellier than the main story, to become the ultimate master of Inotia!

What's in Inotia 4 1.0.7 Apk :
★1.0.7 Updates★
- Play environment improved
- Fixed other minor bugs
★1.0.6 Updates★
- Improved controls
- Improved mini-map readability
- Improved UI
- New in-app regarding infinite dungeon quest
- Fixed problem where certain dialogues were not shown
- Fixed problem where ads were shown in certain circumstances even after add remove item was purchased
- Fixed other minor bugs

Inotia 4 1.0.7 Download 
Download Here

Gallery ICS 0.3c Andriod Download

Gallery ICS 0.3c Andriod Download
Requirements: Android 4.0.x ( Varies with device )
Overview: Gallery ICS is a version of the official Gallery app included on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).
Gallery ICS 0.3c Andriod Download

Our goal is to allow any Android phone or tablet can enjoy this great gallery! We are working on improving the compatibility.

If you want to help us to continue working on this project you can purchase "Camera ICS+" app.

Unfortunately, integrated photo editor requires Android 4.0+

What's inGallery ICS 0.3c Apk:
Fixed incorrect thumbnails
Fixed scroll bug

Gallery ICS 0.3c Download
Download Here

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