APK Full™ Dragon Portals Apk 1.3.1

APK Full™ Dragon Portals v1.3.1 Download Cracked
Venture into the Dragon Portal and help Mila save the world! Inventive new match-three gameplay in a world full of wonder and style.

The friendly dragons have been bound to the ground by dark magic. The radiant heroine Mila can save the dragons, but she needs your help!

Experience four fantastic environments throughout the more than 70 levels and unleash more than a dozen powerups. Free the dragons by activating the Dragon Portals with your amazing orb matching skills!

  • Innovative game mechanics
  • More than 70 levels
  • Three exciting game modes
  • Four beautiful environments
  • 15 amazing powerups
  • Jaw dropping visual effects
  • Alluring music
  • Hours of captivating entertainment
  • Replay levels and try to get five stars from all of them

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APK Full™ Star Wars Pinball Apk 1.0

APK Full™ Star Wars Pinball v1.0 Download Cracked
Set in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Pinball lets you interact with the most iconic characters, and relive the greatest moments of the Star Wars universe in 3 Star Wars-themed tables: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett.

Choose to support the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance with your high scores as the Star Wars Pinball community fights for the Balance of the Force!

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APK Full™ CS HALFLIFE Dead Rising Apk 1.0

APK Full™ CS HALFLIFE Dead Rising v1.0 Download Cracked
But now,you,a brave soldier,will help the people fight against those zombies and get them out there. Don't be scared,just shoot them,blow them and smash them.Good luck,soldier!

  • Specific graphic design and animations.
  • Different styles of the delicate game scenes.
  • Remarkable special effects cinematography and sound effects.
  • Unique gameplay combine First Person *Shooting game with Tower Defense game.
  • Smash zombies with the distinctive sentry-gun system.
  • Different types of zombies with different special skills!
  • Equip different powerful weapons and items to deal with zombies.
  • Fight against endless waves of zombies,it will be horrible!

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APK Full™ Zombie Frontier Apk 1.10

APK Full™ Zombie Frontier v1.10 Download Cracked
A large number of people are infected with viruses T and become zombies. You are one of the survivors. You are involved in the war against the zombies.

  • Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!
  • Experience the sensation of firing wildly!
  • Kill different kinds of zombies!
  • New weapons and upgrade system!
  • Challenging role growth system!
  • New and unique bonus items!

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APK Full™ Super Cave Escape Apk 2.6

APK Full™ Super Cave Escape v2.6 Download Cracked
In Super Cave Escape, you play as Lacy, a wild and adventurous explorer who will scour the Ruins of any Temple, Pyramid or Cave in search of Gold, Jewels, Treasures and Fortunes. Alas she has found it, the mother lode of all riches and a lot more! But, now Lacy has awoken the perils in the far depths of the earth and is now on the run for her life.

Thanks to all the gamers supporting this game, you've earned an impressive graphical update. With more users and solid reviews this game will continue to be upgraded.

Players of all ages can enjoy this wonderfully entertaining and addictive test of Concentration and Reflexes. Climb your way to freedom as you jump from Rope to Vine to Climbing ruined Temple Pillars while avoiding crushing Rocks and Boulders.

Toggle from Touch or Swipe controls to suit your game play needs and prepare for the time of your life playing Super Cave Escape.

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APK Full™ Battle Alert - Red Uprising Apk 1.3.6

APK Full™ Battle Alert - Red Uprising v1.3.6 Download Cracked
Battle Alert is a real-time strategy (RTS) game which could bring back the nostalgia of having the World War II in a fun and challenging way! This time, the virtual tanks, guns, and troops are ready to fight and protect your base in the battle field.

You’ll have to build up units, deploy your troops and grow your strength on the battlefield in order to have any hope of overthrowing the evil tormentors and defenses for your base to keep your armies strong while your enemies at bay. Come on, Command and Conquer your empire.

“It’s a brilliant way to get started with strategy games. I was thinking that this would be the perfect strategy game for the newcomers” – AndroidHeadlines.com

“The game is simple and complex at the same time. I simply love the basic idea of this game which is quite challenging, intriguing yet entertaining to play for hours! ” – Applatter.com

“The game is fun and the graphics are pretty good. The game does give you a lot to do so it is a good game to play for a while, put it down and then come back to it. “- Appreviewcentral.net

* Queue commands, create unit groups and control numerous units at a time
* Access to a variety of arms such as Marines, Engineers, Grizzle Tanks, Black Hawk Fighters
* Plenty of units and multiple upgrade systems which are similar to RPG games
* High definition graphics and high quality background music supported
* Take control of all your troops, resource, tower, mine, etc

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APK Full™ Kill Zombies Apk 1.0.17

APK Full™ Kill Zombies v1.0.17 Download Cracked
The unknown virus infects human beings; the zombies rule all cities. As the only survivor, can you escape from the city? Or can you find the antidote to rescue human beings?

Now pick up the weapons to prevent attack and to prove whether you are the only survivor to rescue human beings.

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APK Full™ Devil Ninja 2 Apk 1.5.1

APK Full™ Devil Ninja 2 v1.5.1 Download Cracked
New battle on the devil's land,It's time for the ninja to action,In this fast paced ninja game,Your task is to fight against the monsters,kill the king of monsters,
Collecting more energy ball and items to get powerful weapons. Have fun!

  • New BOSS
  • More weapons
  • New devil's world
  • Advanced / classic gameplay choose
  • Support Tablets,HD Resolution

  • Try to jump over the cliff.
  • Double jump to jump higher.
  • Long press fire button to charge energy.
  • Reward more energy balls with a nice combo kill.
  • Collect energy balls to POWER UP!
  • Get items to have more weapons.
  • Fast mode to get more exciting (game options)

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APK Full™ Desert 51 Apk 1.0

APK Full™ Desert 51 v1.0 Download Cracked
Held down in the tons of steel and concrete, alien and unpredictable force was waiting for it’s time, waiting for the moment when the person putting over his experiments on it will be mistaken.And his mistake was inevitable, because an experiment over something alien and unpredictable – is already a mistake.

The crew of the experimental gyroscopic tank which was coming back from trial runs to secret object, faced consequences of the mistake the first. Through thick armored glass they saw the crowd of people going by. Their clothes were torn up to pieces and dirty, and someone’s extremities were torn off. They were going unconsciously, coming across at each other, as if they were zombies... Yes! In the first seconds it really was hard to believe that those were zombies! But illusions and doubts evaporated when these beings, distorted by anger and rage, started rushing under tank caterpillars, trying to gnaw through armor.

Having estimated depth and gravity of the happened accident, and realizing the threat which have hung over mankind, the crew decides to battle to these aggressive creatures and to break to threat epicenter.
Now you are facing the greatest challenge because you are the crew!

  • Full control without screen buttons.
  • Unlock weapons and upgrades for your tank.
  • Stylish and productive graphics.
  • Bright special effects.
  • Dynamic and attractive gameplay.
  • Thousands of zombies and other paranormal phenomena.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack.
  • New maps and game modes with the subsequent updates.

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APK Full™ Neon Snake Apk 1.0

APK Full™ Neon Snake v1.0 Download Cracked
Neon Snake Game: Addictive, fun and simple. This is THE snake game everyone is talking about!

Control a snake as it moves around eating bonus fruits (bananas and strawberries) and increasing in length. Bonus fruits only appear for a few seconds and have double the points as green dot (the ususal goal of this game). Game is over when the snake runs into itself.
• 100% responsive touchscreen game play lets you have complete control over the snake
• Ability to play training levels or campaign
• Amazing graphics
• High Score list
• Pause and resume
• Customizable settings :
- Incidental music
- Level of sounds
- Vibration ON/OFF
- Speed level
20 levels in campaign mode:
* increasing hardness
* winning levels you open new items and bonuses

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APK Full™ Monster Warlord Apk 1.1.0

APK Full™ Monster Warlord v1.1.0 Download Cracked
Welcome to the wonderful world of Monster Warlord. Here, your guide Mika will help you as you embark on your journey in this strange new world. Along the way, you’ll have to complete quests as mysterious monsters appear before you. Your objective is to capture the strongest and rarest monsters. But watch out! Around every corner lurk other players who want to challenge the strength of you and your monster!


Collect a wide variety of monsters from fire, water, wind, earth and darkness- that you can either purchase or find during quest missions! There are also rare and mysterious monsters that you can catch during quests and battles! Each monster comes with their own special attributes- so the more the merrier!

Combine two monsters to create one extraordinary monster! The combinations are endless with six different classes of monsters as well as a wide expanse of rare and uncommon monsters!

Join alliances with other players and become clansmen! Move together as one united force and seek revenge for your fallen monsters and beat bosses together!

Attack evil bosses with your clansmen and share the benefits of victory together! You can even summon a boss to challenge you and your friends to earn points and unlock rewards!

With each completed quest and battle, you can unlock different accomplishments. You’ll be rewarded handsomely with new and rare items, experience points and skill points!

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APK Full™ Draculas Castle Apk 1.1

APK Full™ Draculas Castle v1.1 Cracked
So far we have not heard new stories about the most famous vampire Count Dracula.
But recently renewed talk, that someone saw him again in the city.
Strange things have become to happen in his desolated castle and chilling sounds could be heard from there.
Dracula´s Castle is a picture puzzle game where you have to touch and swap pictures to find the correct location in time.

  • Great picture sliding puzzles
  • Atmospheric high-res artworks
  • Motivating time challenge
  • Creepy soundtrack
  • Surprising ending

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APK Full™ Fate of the Pharaoh Apk 1.0.0

APK Full™ Fate of the Pharaoh v1.0.0 Cracked
Low introductory pricing – ends soon!
Return to the golden realm of ancient Egypt in this challenging strategy game: Fate of the Pharaoh! The glorious Egyptian empire is left exhausted after a longstanding war. The greedy invaders fled, leaving chaos and ruins of a once magnificent kingdom. Become the loyal Pharaoh’s adviser and help him to restore peace and prosperity in the golden cities of Egypt. Construct houses and beautiful castles, collect taxes and materials, set up production and trade, and fight crocodiles and wicked cobras. Can you return Egypt to its days of glory?

  • 44 amazing levels to pass
  • 9 riveting chapters
  • 9 desirable achievements to earn
  • Engaging in-game encyclopedia

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APK Full™ Zeus Defense Apk 2.0

APK Full™ Zeus Defense v2.0 Cracked
The mighty Zeus, ruler of Olympia needs your help! An uprising of rival gods are desperately trying to destroy Zeus and all who worship him. So as their terror rains down on the cities of the world, you must take charge of the ultimate power of Zeus and vanquish them forever! The world needs you….Zeus needs you....Help save humanity today in Zeus Defense!

Fight back the fiendish gods, calling forth the powers of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and much more! Zeus has some mighty weapons at his disposal, and their powers are all that can save him! Fight through massive amounts of enemies, power up your weapons with super bonuses, and engage in epic boss battles that are sure to be talked about for all of eternity! You can save the world today…Are you ready?

  • 6 Unique worlds with more than 50 levels!
  • Challenging boss battles!
  • A diverse mix of evil monsters!
  • Tons of powerful bonuses and upgrades!

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APK Full™ Traxion Apk 1.0.2

APK Full™ Traxion v1.0.2 Cracked
Welcome to TRAXION, the physics-based arcade shooter that challenges your skills as well as your wits.

You take the role of a daring starship pilot, embarking on a series of break-neck mission in outer space. Navigate your ship through the caves of dangerous alien planets and find the valuable crystals hidden there. With your ship's tractor beam, you can tow these back to the planet surface. But beware -- alien creatures and enemy patrol ships are out to get you.

As you explore the alien environments and vast cave systems, you will find all kinds of contraptions, such as switches, explosive charges, forcefields and various pieces of alien machinery that you can use to your advantage. All objects in the game world are subject to physics and gravity. Smash your payload against obstacles to send them flying through the air, push over barriers and watch them tumble down corridors, and drop heavy barrels on your enemies to crush them! At the end of each planet, a terrifying boss monster awaits.

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APK Full™ Machinarium Apk 1.6.11

APK Full™ Machinarium v1.6.11 - Full Cracked
An award winning adventure game set in a world of robots, challenges and puzzles!

Discover the award-winning, steam punk world of Machinarium, navigating a clever little robot called Josef from the scrapheap into the city to save his robot girlfriend.

Solve puzzles, quests, brain-rs and mini-games to rid the city of the wicked Black Cap Brotherhood robots. Gorgeous hand-drawn graphics and animations bring the robot's story to life, using unique comic bubbles and symbols to convey the plot.

The Machinarium world is populated only by robots of various forms and functions. One of the most interesting places in this world is old, rusty and legendary city of Machinarium where the game takes place.

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APK Full™ Bad Piggies HD Apk 1.2.0

APK Full™ Bad Piggies HD v1.2.0 Free Download
From the creators of Angry Birds: an all new game from the PIGS’ point of view!
Create the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/crashing device and pilot the pigs safely to the eggs!

The Bad Piggies are after the eggs again -- but as usual, nothing is going according to plan! Can you create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination? Those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use, but they need your help to turn these into the perfect transportation!

With more than 60 levels, and free updates coming up, you have hours and hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun! Get three stars on every level to unlock 30 more puzzles! HINT: Sometimes you need to play the level several times to achieve all the objectives -- try building a new device or steering in a different way to earn all the stars!

● 87 levels crammed with flying/driving/crashing fun!
● 18 additional levels unlocked by getting three stars!
● Free updates!
● 4 sandbox levels to stretch your creativity!
● Ultra-special, ultra-secret, ultra-difficult sandbox level to unlock by collecting all the skulls!
● 33 objects to create the ultimate machine: motors, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons, and much more!

Mechanic Pig
● Need help? This little piggy will build it for you!
● Mechanic pig pre-assembles transport for you!
● All you have to do is pilot it!
● Tweak his design to get all three stars!

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APK Full™ CBR Reader Pro Apk 1.4.7

APK Full™ CBR Reader Pro v1.4.7 Free Download
CBR Reader Pro is *the* new Comic Reader for Android Tablets and Phones.
It's fresh, it's new, and here's the first version for you!

CBR Reader Pro is *the* new Comic Reader for Android Tablets and Phones.
It's fresh, it's new, and here's the first version for you!
CBR Reader Pro is *the* new lightweight Comic Reader for Android Tablets and Phones.

Features (so far)
- full tablet support
- optional navigation via gestures
- optional navigation via height adjustable buttons
- left-to-right and right-to-left reading
- multiple bookmarks per comic
- opens CBR and CBZ files
- comic cover gallery
- double-page support
- free multitouch zoom
- supports portrait and landscape mode

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APK Full™ AVP: Evolution Apk 1.0.1

APK Full™ AVP: Evolution v1.0.1 Free Download
The deadliest creatures in the universe face off for the first time on your phone and tablet. Play as both the Alien and Predator in this official game brought to you by Angry Mob Games, the creators of PREDATORS™, Guerrilla Bob and Muffin Knight.

On a distant planet, the blood feud between Predator clans continues to rage. In a final attempt to eradicate the Jungle Hunter Clan, the Super Predators secure the capabilities of an unlikely and unwilling species, the Aliens. As an Alien, you must ultimately destroy the Super Predators and free your species from enslavement. As a Jungle Hunter Predator, you must eliminate the Alien Queen in order to prevent the Super Predators from annihilating your clan.

*Two distinct gaming experiences as you engage in the ultimate battle as both the Alien and Predator
*Vicious attacks and brutal finishing moves give players a lethal arsenal to wreak havoc on the enemy

*Engineer your own unique Alien and Predator via character upgrades, enhanced abilities, and a multitude of powerful armor and weapons
*Gain the advantage in battle with Facehugger Calls, Rage Rechargers, Net Guns, Proximity Mines, Thermal Vision, Alien Vision, Plasma Cannons and much more

*It’s kill or be killed as you advance through the Temple Arena, Marine Base, Alien Hive and many other eerie settings

*Rich detail, impressive character models and distinctive lighting

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APK Full™ Pocket Casts Apk 4.0.1

APK Full™ Pocket Casts v4.0.1 Free Download
Stay up to date with all the latest podcasts with one easy to use app. Simply add your favorite podcasts, and you'll be able to download or stream new episodes as they become available.

With cross device syncing support, an extremely sexy UI, tablet support and built in variable speed playback, Pocket Casts is the best way to listen to podcasts, on any platform.

Standout features:
  • Syncing and backup: back up your subscriptions, podcasts, playlists & progress with our server and your other android devices. You can now drop your phone in a toilet and not lose your podcasts. After syncing, setting up a new phone has never been easier
  • Powerful smart playlists: Want a list of every unplayed, downloaded podcast? Right here. How about a list of video episodes that you haven’t downloaded yet? Easy
  • Built in variable speed playback: all the way from 0.5x to 3.0x, no dodgy plugins to download, no fuss, just pure unadulterated speed
  • Stunning phone and tablet interface: We've kept a close eye on the Android design guidelines while building the simplest and most powerful Pocket Casts interface yet. Simple, powerful, beautiful.
  • Video & audio: Pocket Casts lets you toggle video podcasts to audio (when Leo comes on), then back again (when someone better looking is speaking)
  • Absolute control: Control your podcasts from the notification center, lock screen, headphones, bluetooth and many other ways

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C.H.A.O.S Apk 5.1.1

APK Full™ C.H.A.O.S v5.1.1 Mod (Unlimited Money)
Achieve new ranks, gain experience, upgrade helicopter and deter your enemy!

In C.H.A.O.S you will step into pilot's shoes and experience fierce air combats while flying one of the most hardcore helicopters in the world.

A secret organization named C.H.A.O.S has been established by the dictators who lost their power and now they aim at world domination. As a brave pilot, you've been hired to prevent them from expanding their influence to other countries. You're about to take this challenge and save the world from terror!

Choose helicopters from different manufacturers from the USA, Russia and Europe such as AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk, Hind, Ka-52 Alligator, RAH-66 Comanche and more! Accomplish missions, go through intensive air combats and defeat the enemy!

Achieve new ranks, get money and gain experience, upgrade your helicopter and deter your enemy!

Features: C.H.A.O.S Apk
- Realistic helicopter simulator with action packed gameplay
- Highly detailed helicopter models from different manufacturers
- Award-winning visual and sound effects
- Real-world battle locations
- Eight training missions to get ready for real air combat frenzy
- Helicopter upgrades

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Raiden2013 HD Apk 1.7

APK Full™ Raiden2013 HD v1.7 Mod Download Cracked (Unlimited Money)
Android platform 2D barrage shooting game masterpiece finally arrived: the world-wide roll out is happening!

You will be driving the most advanced system on the planet for the Angry Bee Fighter with the all three-dimensional combat alien team made up of a fleet of land, sea and air teams!!Now in high-definition picture quality in the game. Capturing up to 40FPS picture frames, Precise and responsive handling experience, giving a sense of superior sound, with more than 30 kinds of enemy battleship modeling, more than 40 kinds of barrage will experience the epic aerial combat blockbuster Angry Bee Fighter!!!

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Empire Conquest Apk 1.0.1 Mod

APK Full™ Empire Conquest v1.0.1 Mod Download cracked (Unlimited Money)
This game is a strategy board game with some of the same elements of chess. In this new fantasy adventure, you will be playing three heroes: a warrior, a mage and a gunslinger whose strengths and weaknesses are complementary!

  • The warrior is a powerful fighter with a very strong defense and whose legendary sword can overtake any opponent! However, his moves are very limited.
  • -The mage has many magical spells, one of which can even heal his friends! His powers are of extreme value, however, he is not a strong fighter during battles.
  • The gunslinger is the weapon master of the group. Her magic pistol gives her incredible range. However her health is weak, making her a fragile fighter.

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Pilot Brothers Apk 1.0.44

APK Full™ Pilot Brothers v1.0.44 Download Cracked (Non-Root)
A provincial Russian town has been shaken in disbelief: their prized, rare, striped elephant,

Baldakhin, disappeared from the zoo in the dead of night. The main suspect is its notorious former owner, Karbofoss. Two well-known detectives, the Pilot Brothers, set up a new investigation, pursuing the rogue through 15 comic-style locations to find the missing elephant. Sensible Brother Chief and his not-so-bright assistant, Brother Colleague, solve tricky puzzles and play their parts with precise timing in this humorous adventure game for the whole family!

  • 15 Increasingly difficult levels to solve
  • 2 Different characters: Brother Chief and Brother Colleague
  • Fast-paced, arcade mini-games and loads of absurdly witty mini-games!
  • Join the famed duo in their search for the elusive thief!

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APK Full™ Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium v1.1.0 Download Cracked
Face evil Orcs, apostate Elves and dark knights in Guns'n'Glory Heroes!

Sharpen the axe, polish your armor and ready your guns! It's time to fight for glory, honor and gold once more! Guns'n'Glory is back!

* Play without ads and start with 750 Gold Coins! *

  • Newest entry in the popular Guns’n’Glory series
  • Epic fantasy defense action with Elves and Dwarves
  • Control 3 mighty heroes in their battle against the Orcs
  • Use and improve your 12 powerful combat abilities
  • Journey into forests, swamps and snowy mountains in 50 challenging levels
  • Experience an enchanting storyline spanning 5 exciting chapters
  • Prove your tactical skills and master the Heroic Difficulty mode

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APK Full™ GALAXY GLADIATOR v2.00 Download Cracked
Full-scale vertical shooter (Toko us) Han flaming!
- Reminiscent of the 80s retro shooter shooting is the origin of the game!

  • Pilot 3 fighter planes in formation or combine them to do battle as a Gladiator robot!
  • Power up your fighters' firepower with 9 types of subweapons!
  • Eradicate all foes on-screen with the Beam Saber, the Gladiator's ultimate weapon!

Game Mechanics
  • Full 3D character models are beautifully rendered at high resolution.
  • Automatic firing makes it easy for anyone to play.
  • Switch between standard ammo and powerfully charged shots to obliterate formidable foes.
  • Enemies assault you in random attack patterns.
  • Gargantuan bosses await in every stage.
  • Use the extra points (EXP) earned in battle to get "Continue" options or to level up your subweapons.
  • Additional EXP is available for purchase.
  • Complete in-game goals to unlock 10 different event modes with 5 levels of difficulty!
  • Choose from 5 levels of difficulty (with a default of "Easy").
  • Update your friends on your progress via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Leaderboards for each difficulty level are available via Game Center.
  • Battle through 11 action-packed stages!

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Shooting club 2: Gold Apk 3.2.24

APK Full™ Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24 Download Cracked
In the second part of the 'Shooting club' we offer you to feel like a real sniper!

Target, weapon, shot ... do you already feel adrenaline in your blood? There is no sense to argue that everyone, at least once in his life, dreamed to be a professional shooter with a sniper rifle. Here you have such an opportunity!

This simulator of sniper shooting is characterized by maximum connection with reality. Here not only shot accuracy has great importance, but also specific characteristics of rifles, distance to the target, wind direction, and even heartbeat.

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Babylonian Twins Platformer Apk 1.4.9

APK Full™ Babylonian Twins Platformer v1.4.9 Download Cracked
Think your way through ancient Iraq in one of the most challenging puzzle platformers on Android. This critically acclaimed and award winning game is the first made-in-Iraq game, built originally for the Amiga in the 90s and brought to your mobile device by the same team.

Fun fact: Less than 1% completed all levels, and less than 1/1000 found all treasures, can you be one of them?

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Aralon: Sword and Shadow Apk 4.53

APK Full™ Aralon: Sword and Shadow v4.53 Download Cracked

From the Creators of the award winning Ravensword: The Fallen King,The Elder Scrolls Artist Mark Jones, and Developer Galoobeth Games, comes ARALON: SWORD AND SHADOW, an Epic 3d Role-Playing Adventure.

An iPhone 3d RPG inspired by that classic vein that focuses on a compelling story, a unique hero, and an open 3D world ready for exploration. Journey through the Kingdom of Aralon and unravel its mysteries.

Features: Aralon: Sword and Shadow Apk
  • Over 30 hours of gameplay
  • Gorgeous and dynamic 3d environments
  • 3rd and First Person play modes
  • Full Day/Night cycle and dynamic lighting effects
  • Epic Soundtrack and realistic sound effects
  • Customizable characters, including hairstyles, armor, and different faces
  • 4 Character Classes
  • Unique Skill Trees for each class
  • 3 Playable Races: Humans, Elves, and Trolls
  • A primary quest and multiple, optional side-quests
  • Hundreds of items to acquire and wield
  • Comprehensive Inventory System
  • Battle various enemies that use different fighting tactics
  • Faction system, herb gathering, crafting potions and
  • magical items, dual-wielding, lockpicking, pick-pocketing, and more
  • Swimming, Fishing, Campfires
  • 8 Different Mount Types, including horses, dragons, and more
  • Fully animated 3d characters
  • Achievements
  • Pets and henchmen to help you in your quests
  • Save system with 6 different save slots

Download Here
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Galaxy: Eternal Warfare Apk 1.15

APK Full™ Galaxy: Eternal Warfare v1.15 Download Cracked
Galaxy: Eternal Warfare" is a fast-paced, multiplayer inter-galactic strategy game offering unlimited gameplay, round after round of addictive adrenaline pumping action and cut-throat competition with players all around the world! - All for less than the price of coffee.

  • Build up ships and send ruthless swarms of them to crush your enemies.
  • An awesome hybrid of classic arcade-action & real-time multiplayer strategy.
  • Over 50 different unique maps or "Galaxies" and endless single-player gameplay for truly eternal warfare.
  • 15 unique mission types (including a tutorial): take on multiple NPCs, test your powers of foresight in stealth, rebel against an established enemy or take on the ultimate challenge in Titan!
  • Adapt to the NPC's strategies and advance your way through the difficulty ranks from Private -> Admiral as you get better, smarter and faster!
  • Take on the world in Multiplayer mode, battling players from across the globe in battles that take place across galaxies.
  • Multiplayer mode is cross-platform so you can play with all of your friends
  • Stunning Special effects, electrifying music & an intuitive interface.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Apk 1.1.3

APK Full™ Batman: The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.3 + Unlimited Gold [Non-Root]

New in this update:
  • Improved performance.
  • Gameplay tweaks.
  • Optimized game size compared to previous version.
  • New permission required: Kill background processes.
  • The game uses this permission to ensure better stability and performance.

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KungfuTaxi-Endless Apk 1.0 Mod

APK Full™ KungfuTaxi-Endless v1.0 Mod Download Cracked
This is a new designed Endless mode of ChinaTaxi! More than 80% of the old level elements were recreated. Enjoy this reconstructed exciting journey in Song Dynasty of Ancient China endlessly.

Game Features:
  • Challenging endless journey;
  • Mysterious props provide you all kinds of supports;
  • Stylized costumes with special abilities are available in store;
  • Unique Chinese Shan-Shui painting style graphic design;

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The Heroes Of The Three Kingdoms Apk 1.0 Mod

APK Full™ The Heroes Of The Three Kingdoms v1.0 Mod Download Cracked

GAME REVIEW: The Heroes Of The Three Kingdoms Apk
- Full 3D Action game based on Three Kingdoms!
- Tremendous actions for battles

Specialties of the game
- Do intrepid actions to play battles with heroes you’ve chosen!
- Fulfill various mini-games and mission in stages!
- Grow – up your heroes using many of items, cards and skills!
- Suppress all enemies with your basic attacks, combos and spectacular skills!
- To Feel blowing actions on Mobile not on consoles
- Tensional game play based on Chinese old history.

How to play
- When you start the mission, you just follow what your adviser saying to move and destroy enemies
- Revitalize the mini map, there a guide arrow.
- You have to escape from enemies and occupy some bases in some missions.
- Every time you clear the stage, you can get gold. And you use some gold to grow-up your hero buying items, cards and skills.

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Asphalt 7: Heat Apk 1.0.4

APK Full™ Asphalt 7: Heat v1.0.4 Download Cracked
Hit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest, most visually stunning edition of the famed Asphalt series.

Drive 60 different cars from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, including the legendary DeLorean.

Gear up to race on 15 tracks set in real cities around the world, including brand new tracks in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio.

The completely revamped multiplayer lets you take on up to 5 of your friends locally or online. Keep track of who’s the best with the new Asphalt Tracker that lets you compare stats, show off achievements and challenge rivals. You can also find new online opponents with the matchmaking system. Practice hard, because there are special events that will pit you against the best in the world!

Play however you please with 6 different game modes packed with 15 leagues and 150 different races.

Every car and track is more beautiful than ever thanks to graphics that push the limits of your device.

Acclaimed by both media and players, the Asphalt franchise has already attracted several million players worldwide... Come and join the ride!

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Doom 3 prealpha-0.2

APK Full™ Doom 3 prealpha-0.2 Download Cracked
Doom 3 is a story-driven action game played from a first-person perspective. As with previous Doom games, the main objective is to successfully pass through its levels, defeating a variety of enemy characters intent on killing the player's character.

Frequent radio transmissions through the player's communications device also add to the atmosphere, by broadcasting certain sounds and messages from non-player characters meant to unsettle the player. Early in the game, during and directly after the event that plunges the base into chaos, the player often hears the sounds of fighting, screaming and dying through their radio transmitter. The ambient sound is extended to the base itself through such things as hissing pipes, footsteps, and occasional jarringly loud noises from machinery or other sources. Often ambient sounds can be heard that resemble deep breathing, unexplained voices and demonic taunting from the game's antagonists.

Doom 3 prealpha-0.2 APK + SD

SD FILES(sdcard/diii4a)

KungFu Legends Apk 1.0.3

APK Full™ KungFu Legends v1.0.3 Free Download
KungFu Legends is a card game based on Chinese Kung Fu. Chinese Kung Fu is far beyond a martial art. The Kung Fu culture and philosophy consist of Taoism, Buddhism, and the martial art from both eastern and western world. The game will tell you the most exciting part of Chinese culture, the legends of Kung Fu.

You will meet other Kungfu funs, and make lots of friends in the game. The built-in gamejoy platform allows you to instant messaging your friends.

Hundreds of gorgeous cards, including characters, weapons, armors, accessories and scrolls.
Enhance and evolve your cards to build the most powerful squad.
Fight with other players in the arena to win your fame and reward.
Loot other players to make the best scroll.
The built-in gamejoy platform to instant message your friends.

What's in this version:
Check other players details.
Improved the fight UI.

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Earth And Legend Apk 2.0.10

APK Full™ Earth And Legend v2.0.10 Free Download
The most advanced full-scaled multiplayer 3D RPG for Android has arrived in HD!

The time has come to call for a hero. Join the battle in this epic RPG adventure delivered in stunning 3D

Earth And Legend features multiplayer mode as well as single player. Team up with a friend and experience co-op multiplayer over WIFI. The multiplayer system allows players to tag team creatures and fight alongside each other while solving quests PETS Earth And Legend features the ability to own pets. Not only do pets make great companions but they also are trained to fight alone side their owner in combat

Earth And Legend features 3 skill lines (Melee, Bow and Magic), which include a new and innovative combat system with real-time live action melee attacks and spell casting

Earth And Legend features a true in-game cycle of night and day on a 24 hour based time system. For every 24 minutes that the game is played, a full night and day cycle of 24 hours passes in the game world

Earth And Legend features a highly advanced weather system. Depending on weather conditions, from time to time it will rain. In high altitude places it snows. A very strong rainfall will even produce thunder and lightning, which can be used by magicians. Some spells draw power directly from thunder and lightning, making the caster very powerful when it rains

  • XPERIA PLAY Optimized [PlayStation Phone support]
  • Customize your character's race and gender
  • Prepare for battle with a variety of weapons, armor and items to choose from
  • 100% free roaming. Go anywhere at anytime
  • Shop for food or go fishing and catch it yourself
  • Full 3D freedom of movement plus 360 degree swimming
  • Camera panning with sensitivity control
  • Detailed side quests and challenging bosses to defeat
  • Balanced economy system. Visit shops. Buy and sell items
  • Right and left-handed joystick option
  • Customizable hot keys. Arrange skills in any order
  • 3 slots for multiple saved games
  • Multiple languages: English, French, and German

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Syder Arcade HD Apk 1.2

APK Full™ Syder Arcade HD v1.2 Free Download
Get back to some serious Old-School gaming with Syder Arcade!

Collecting coins never gets old, but some times you just need a break.
Get back to some serious Old-School gaming with Syder Arcade!
A love letter to Amiga the games of the 90', no coins, no upgrade grinding, just your tenacity and a motherload of alien invaders.

Syder Arcade is a free scrolling, multi directional shoot 'em up, an uncompromised old-school experience, furious, challenging, straightforward. This game will bring you back in time, when bulky starships were cool and games were about player skill and swearing madly at your computer.

Relevant Features
  • Shooting
  • Dying
  • 6 campaing levels
  • 1 survival mode level
  • 2 opposite directions
  • 3 player starships
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • At least 3 huge capital ships and 1 giant bug-ship
  • Skill-based badges to improve your high scores
  • Game Center support
  • 5 Tons of nostalgia and 16 of Old-School
  • Amiga-style soundtrack
  • Zombie free

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