APK CRACKED™ FireLords HD Apk 1.0

APK CRACKED™ FireLords HD v1.0
"Bomberman style game FireLords HD explodes onto Google Play"

  •  Touch on right half of the screen to move the hero and on left half of the screen to place the bomb.
  •  Alternatively activate TILT control on main menu screen.

  •  Smart enemies - with variable behaviour and intelligence
  •  Four episode packs - enjoy beautiful HD graphics and unique gameplay factors in each episode
  •  More than 40 levels - including 5 secret ones. Will you be able to find them all?
  •  Gameplay innovations - bonuses (speed, bombs, range, shield, ...), black fog, explosive barrels, destroyable ground
  •  Days of fun - play the levels again to get another unique experience and earn more stars to unlock new episodes, find secret levels
  •  Precise control - whether you prefer using your accelerometer/g-sensor for TILT control or on-screen joystick (d-pad), we have worked hard to implement the best possible response
  •  Limited-time introductory offer - buy our game now for just 50% price!

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