APK Full™ Forest Life Apk 1.2.6

APK Full™ Forest Life v1.2.6
A fun animal raising game in the forest! You would love the cute animals in the green wood!

Lets take care of the animal in nature and become friendly rapidly! Feed them, raise them and play with them! You have many types of food and items to choose. Play mini game to get bonus. Play and make the forest lively!

The method of care:
  • Food can be raised with a care button.
  • Using go button, an animal can be moved or furniture can be redecorated.
  • If the double-tap of the screen is carried out, the animal will approach!

How to collect coin:
  • When you feed them boiled rice or drink them water, the point will be generated.
  • When eats too much, animals get sleepy. Save coin by sleeping them on bed.
  • The more animals increase in number, the more coin and experience value are given!

How to increase nuts:
Get bonus nuts at level up by taking care of your animal.

How to increase an animal:
  • Please touch the lower left "Put" of the animal which can be chosen from a menu screen "animal."

The method of item change:
  • The collected point can purchase furniture at shop.
  • The bought item can be chosen from a property button and can be arranged.

About Mini Game:
It is an easy game. You need to tap the screen once in every 1 hour. You will get various gifts like coin, nuts, item, animals etc!

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