Giant Realms 3D APK™ 1.1.4

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In Giant Realms, build and decorate Island Villages to play host to epic, magical Giants. Play minigames to concoct Magic Brew to raise them big and strong, crossbreed them to create rare Giants, and even send them out to play with Giants of other Realms and bring home the gold!

  • It’s in fully animated 3D! Zoom across your Realm and see every detail in vivid color and in perspective!
  • Lots of amazing Giants, Dragons and Monsters to acquire: Elementals, Goliaths, Titans, Colossi, and Behemoth
  • More Giants, Dragons, Monsters released every week
  • Crossbreed to get rare Giants, Dragons and Monsters for your Realm, using up to four parents
  • Discover Secret Strategies to breed the rarest Giants, Dragons and Monsters
  • Build Special Villages to host your Giants, Dragons and Monsters
  • Run Magic Breweries to help raise your Giants, Dragons and Monsters big and strong
  • Play minigames to level up faster and breed rare Giants, Dragons and Monsters
  • Send Giants, Dragons or Monsters out to compete with other players’ Giants, Dragons or Monsters and bring back prizes
  • Decorate your own archipelago and populate it with rare Giants, Dragons and Monsters
  • Visit Friends’ Realms and give each other gifts

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