Talking Tony Stark! APK™ 1.5

APK Full™ Talking Tony Stark! v1.5 Free Download
Oppa Tony-style! You've asked - you've go it: Talking Iron Man!

The new hero from Talking Celebrities series is available now! Meet the Tony Stark, THE IRON MAN!
And now he, and his super-suit MARK VII, will show you some tricks:

Together with IRON MAN you will:
  • Shoot the lasers and kill some birds!
  • Sign a lovely serenade to the whole world!
  • Try to fly, using MARK VII. Tony will show you how to deal with it!
  • Oppa Tony style! Iron man dancing gangnam style in he's laboratory? Now way!
  • Poke him, tickle him and make some fun as his body is under YOUR control!

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