Counter Attack2 Apk 1.0.018

Counter Attack2 v1.0.018 (Infinite items/Unlocked/Ads-Free)
Again, it's time to fight back!!Tanks, turrets and laser boats! Countless enemies are trying to stop you!

Use your skilled operation to shuttling between the enemy's gunfire! Cause a series of explosions in the sky . Let your enemies who dare to stop you know what fear is!
This is a not only beautiful, but also challenging fighter game. Control the super fighter destroy enemy lair. Come to try it!

Gently slide your finger anywhere on the screen can control your fighter!
There is an energy core in the end of each level you need to destroy. The cores are heavily guarded, are you prepare for it?
During the game, pay attention to the enemy transports, destroying them to get supplies. These supplies are sometimes determines your destiny!

Game Features
1. More straightforward operation
2. Add a large number of distinctive enemy
3. New variety of bullet effect
4. Checkpoint mode lets you can always leave or return to the game
5. More challenging levels

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