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APK Full™ Desert 51 v1.0 Download Cracked
Held down in the tons of steel and concrete, alien and unpredictable force was waiting for it’s time, waiting for the moment when the person putting over his experiments on it will be mistaken.And his mistake was inevitable, because an experiment over something alien and unpredictable – is already a mistake.

The crew of the experimental gyroscopic tank which was coming back from trial runs to secret object, faced consequences of the mistake the first. Through thick armored glass they saw the crowd of people going by. Their clothes were torn up to pieces and dirty, and someone’s extremities were torn off. They were going unconsciously, coming across at each other, as if they were zombies... Yes! In the first seconds it really was hard to believe that those were zombies! But illusions and doubts evaporated when these beings, distorted by anger and rage, started rushing under tank caterpillars, trying to gnaw through armor.

Having estimated depth and gravity of the happened accident, and realizing the threat which have hung over mankind, the crew decides to battle to these aggressive creatures and to break to threat epicenter.
Now you are facing the greatest challenge because you are the crew!

  • Full control without screen buttons.
  • Unlock weapons and upgrades for your tank.
  • Stylish and productive graphics.
  • Bright special effects.
  • Dynamic and attractive gameplay.
  • Thousands of zombies and other paranormal phenomena.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack.
  • New maps and game modes with the subsequent updates.

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