APK Full™ Neon Snake Apk 1.0

APK Full™ Neon Snake v1.0 Download Cracked
Neon Snake Game: Addictive, fun and simple. This is THE snake game everyone is talking about!

Control a snake as it moves around eating bonus fruits (bananas and strawberries) and increasing in length. Bonus fruits only appear for a few seconds and have double the points as green dot (the ususal goal of this game). Game is over when the snake runs into itself.
• 100% responsive touchscreen game play lets you have complete control over the snake
• Ability to play training levels or campaign
• Amazing graphics
• High Score list
• Pause and resume
• Customizable settings :
- Incidental music
- Level of sounds
- Vibration ON/OFF
- Speed level
20 levels in campaign mode:
* increasing hardness
* winning levels you open new items and bonuses

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